Collection: Tormod Granheim

Tormod Granheim is a renowned Norwegian adventurer, photographer and skier with an impressive career in mountain sports and expeditions. He has achieved several notable achievements and has distinguished himself as a skilled fine art photographer.

Granheim has a background in mountain sports, particularly with a focus on steep skiing. He has performed impressive feats such as climbing Mount Everest in one day and being the first to ski down the mountain's north face. He also became the first Nordic climber to climb all 82 peaks in the Alps over 4,000 meters, which resulted in him being named Adventurer of the Year.

The essence of the mountain landscape

In addition to his active career as an athlete and adventurer, Granheim has always carried a camera and has worked both in front of and behind the lens for National Geographic. He has published reports from various adventures in more than 25 countries. After he finished his active career, he has focused on a photographic project with the high mountain as its theme. His work with mountain landscapes has been shown at the Munch Museum and is part of Bærum municipality's art collection. Several of Granheim's best-known works are also exhibited by DAIDDA.

Granheim's art photography conveys stories and culture through beautiful and thought-provoking images. He has a unique ability to capture the essence of the mountain landscape and explore man's relationship with nature. His photographs have a deep connection to nature and invite the viewer to reflect on man's challenges and dreams.

The world's three highest mountains

As brand ambassador for various companies in sports equipment, Granheim shows its expertise and recognition in the mountain and adventure world. He has collaborated with renowned brands such as Atomic Skis, Bergans of Norway, Black Diamond, Nikon and many more. Granheim's publications include books such as "Alpenes 4000-Metere," which documents his ascent of the 82 highest peaks in the Alps, and "On Skis from Everest," in which he shares his own account of skiing down Mount Everest and the tragedy that followed. He has also published the book "Spor," which describes his dramatic experience on Mount Everest and his challenge to climb the world's three highest mountains.

Tormod Granheim has not only challenged the limits of what is possible in mountain sports, but he has also made a name for himself as a talented art photographer. His work has helped to document and convey the beauty and challenges of the mountain landscape, while at the same time inspiring reflection on man's own limits and dreams.

Collection: Tormod Granheim