Collection: Frida Evelyn Olsen Fagersand

Frida Evelyn Olsen Fagersand is a Norwegian visual artist with a strong commitment to society, and a desire to give form to emotions that many people can identify with. Through depictions of momentary moods, emotions and thoughts, the artist wants to create space for reflection, conversations and debate. Frida Evelyn has a bachelor's degree in art and communication at OsloMet. She is now training as a subject teacher in design, art and craft, and also works as an art mediator at Galleri Würth.

In 2020, the artist was selected to take part in the talent program "Talent meets mentor" under the auspices of the Norwegian Cultural Schools Council and Nordea. Together with six other young artists, she received mentoring help from contemporary artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen for a year. The program ended with an exhibition in Nordea's head office, where Nordea, among other things, purchased two works by Frida Evelyn for its art collection.

Social involvement runs like a red thread through Frida Evelyn's artistic works. One of the topics she keeps returning to is mental health. The artist is concerned that a significant part of the population experiences mental health problems, but does not seek help because of shame and stigma. Her intention is to raise the topic of mental health and create space for recognition and recognition, as well as open up conversations and debates in which many people can take part. 

By giving form to emotions that many people can identify with, Frida Evelyn invites viewers to explore their own minds, with the desire to open up to more knowledge and less fear. 

The artist likes to work in the intersection between the abstract and the figurative. She does not want to give an overly clear direction, but to find the slightly ambiguous that opens up several frameworks of understanding. She is concerned with finding this point of balance where you sense something, but perhaps don't see it straight away or quite clearly. It's one thing what you observe from a distance, it's another thing when you get up close and look a little further. That which leaves room for wonder and reflection.

Collection: Frida Evelyn Olsen Fagersand