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Jørgen Sørensen

Winter landscape

Winter landscape

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About the original:

Date: No year

Other titles: Riverlandscape in Winter (ENG)

Designation: Painting

Material and technique: Oil on cardboard

Technique: Oil

Material: Cardboard

Dimensions: 37 x 53.5 cm

Subject: Visual arts

Classification: 532 - Visual arts

Motif: Landscape

Acquisition: Testamentary gift from Hans Ross 1914

Inventory no.: NG.M.01068

Registration level: Single object

Owner and collection: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Visual Art Collections

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Jorgen Sorensen

Jørgen Sørensen (1854-1895) was a Norwegian painter. He suffered a hip injury at the age of seven, which led to difficulty walking and no regular school attendance. But his older brother helped him get an artistic education, and he joined the circle of friends around Edvard Munch.

Sørensen was particularly interested in landscape painting and preferred to paint simple autumn and gray weather atmospheres with a fine and gentle tone and a reverence for nature. His breakthrough came with the Modums pictures, and he also painted light-filled summer landscapes after his first trip to Paris. Sørensen avoided grandiose subjects and preferred to paint winter landscapes, where he mastered the painterly problems of taking care of all the color values ​​that the Impressionists discovered in the snow. He was an industrious artist and left behind a large output, some of his best works being filled with a wealth of painterly detail. As a human being, he received a rare beautiful legacy.