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Carl Fredrik Kiørboe

Fox hunting

Fox hunting

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About the original:

Date: Probably 1863

Designation: Painting

Material and technique: Oil on canvas

Technique: Oil

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 116.5 x 90.5 cm

Subject: Visual arts

Classification: 532 - Visual arts

Motif: Animals

Subject type: Forest interior, Animal study, Hunting scene

Acquisition: Purchased 1863

Inventory no.: NG.M.00231

Registration level: Single object

Owner and collection: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Visual Art Collections

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Carl Fredrik Kiørboe

Carl Fredrik Kiørboe was a Danish-Swedish painter born at the beginning of the 19th century. He began his career as an officer in Stockholm, but also developed an interest in animal painting. He chose to pursue his passion for art and moved to Paris in 1840, where he later settled in Dijon.

Kiørboe is known for his precisely studied paintings of horses, dogs, foxes and deer, which show his understanding of animal anatomy and movement. In addition, he painted equestrian portraits of famous personalities such as Karl Johan, Karl 15, Napoleon 3 and Eugénie. Kiørboe's paintings were popular among the aristocracy and art collectors of his time, and his work has been preserved and appreciated by art enthusiasts today. Through his artwork, Kiørboe demonstrates his skill in capturing the beauty and strength of nature, as well as his technical skill and attention to detail.