Collection: Avoid Ashland

Unni Askeland is a renowned Norwegian visual artist known for her independent and provocative style. She combines pop art with her distinctive style, characterized by strong colors and clear lines. She often uses iconic figures and symbols from popular culture in her work.

Extensive artist career

Unni Askeland has an extensive education in art, with studies at the Art School in Kabelvåg, the Art Academy in Vestlandet and the Norwegian Academy of Arts under Per Kleiva. She has had a number of solo exhibitions and participated in important exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including in New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Gothenburg and Berlin. In addition to painting and graphics, Askeland has also explored installations, photography and performance art. She has collaborated with other artists and musicians and has also contributed to the scenography for theater productions. She has received several awards and grants for her work, including the Norwegian Government's work grant for artists and the Ministry of Culture's honorary award for her work as a visual artist.

Entertainment and art

Askeland has made his art available to a wide audience and wants to combine entertainment with artistic expression. She has collaborated with various institutions and organizations to bring art to more people. Her works are also sold as art reproductions produced by DAIDDA, and some of them are available exclusively at She is represented in several important collections of Norwegian contemporary art, including the National Museum and the Astrup Fearnley Museum. Her works are known for exploring themes such as gender, identity and social criticism.

Collection: Avoid Ashland