Collection: Thomas Nesland Olsen

Thomas Nesland Olsen is a Norwegian-American visual artist born in 1977. He has a unique approach to his art, where he often combines classic and technically accurate motifs with a simpler and more naive style. As well as being inspired by older painters such as Vélasquez, he draws much of his inspiration from the contemporary approach to abstract painting.

Nesland Olsen strives to create works that are different and interesting. An important part of Olsen's artistic practice is to learn from both older and modern painters, and he experiments with combining different styles and techniques. This creates a dynamic and interesting tension in his work.

Art that touches and engages

His artwork also reflects his commitment to understanding the power of art to influence people. Due to his background in psychiatry, he is particularly concerned with art's ability to influence emotions and how emotions can be evolutionarily adaptive programs. Through his work, Olsen explores complex themes and ideas, and he challenges the viewer to reflect and interpret in a new way. He creates works that combine technical prowess with an experimental approach, and seeks to create art that touches and engages audiences on different levels.

Thomas Nesland Olsen's artistic practice is an exploration of different styles and sources of inspiration, and his work represents a unique mix of traditional and modern approaches. Through his art, he wants to challenge conventional perceptions and open up new ways of understanding and experiencing art.

Collection: Thomas Nesland Olsen