Collection: Sverre Aurstad

Collection: Sverre Aurstad

Sverre Aurstad is a renowned photographer who specializes in the use of analogue cameras and black-and-white film. He develops the film in the darkroom, and his strong interest in light and its effects on photography has helped to create a unique expression that has received a lot of attention.

The importance of light

Aurstad regards light as an active form-defining factor in his pictures. He sees light as a separate motif and always seeks to exploit and capture it in a unique and exciting way. His passion for photography and understanding of the importance of light in this medium has led to a number of exhibitions and projects.

The exhibition DÁLVI

In December 2022, Sverre Aurstad was launched as one of the photographers on during the exhibition DÁLVI. Here his unique ability to capture light and its impact on photography was clearly demonstrated. His pictures celebrated nature and the many shades of light it contains, and they captured the experience of light and shadow in a poetic and sensitive way.

Analog cameras

Series he has worked on include "NOMEN NESCIO", "IMPRESSIONS", "TIME WITH TREES", "TRANSFORMATIONS", "INTERMEDIATE LANDSCAPE", "ROME AROUND AND ABOUT", and "OBJET TROUVÉ". He uses both analogue and digital cameras, depending on what suits the situation best. However, he prefers analogue black and white film, which he develops in the darkroom. Digital processing is done on a Mac in his studio, but he prefers to edit the images as little as possible. Aurstad also has experience in using various medium format cameras and a 4x5 inch large format camera for analogue recordings. He appreciates being in control of the entire working process and prefers the analogue format because it changes his approach to the subjects and makes the process go slower. Aurstad's passion for this type of photography has made him a recognized and influential photographer.