Collection: Pål Hermansen

Pål Hermansen is a Norwegian visual artist, nature photographer and writer living in Siggerud outside Oslo. He has a varied background, with training as a dentist and homeopath. Hermansen has achieved international recognition as a nature photographer and has received several awards for his work.

Hermansen has also published a significant number of his own books and has had several photo exhibitions. In addition, he has created several multimedia shows and led workshops in nature photography. Hermansen is a member of the association Norwegian Nature Photographers, where he was appointed an honorary member in 2010. He is also associated with the image agency Samfoto.

Solo exhibitions

Throughout his career, Pål Hermansen has had several solo exhibitions in various places both in Norway and internationally. Some of his exhibitions include the Norsk Naturfotofestival in Ski, Norway (2014), GDT Bilderhalle in Lünen, Germany (2013), Kongsvinger library, Norway (2013), The Voss Art Association in Voss, Norway (2012), and the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography in Kristiansund, Norway (2012). He has also participated in Fotomessen 2011 in Oslo, Turtagrø hotell in Norway (2011), Galleri (Ø) in Mullsjö, Sweden (2010), Galleri Vikerødegården in Hamar, Norway (2010), and KunstPause Svalbard/Galleri Svalbard (2009) for to name a few.

Nature photography as art

Pål Hermansen has a diverse and impressive career in nature photography and art, and his work has left a mark both nationally and internationally. His exhibitions and books show his ability to capture the beautiful nature and convey it to the viewer in a unique and inspiring way.

Collection: Pål Hermansen