Collection: Ole Martin Evensen

Ole Martin Evensen is a photographer who has a unique ability to capture small moments and fragments of life in his pictures. Through his encounter with his surroundings, he captures random encounters and situations that arise. These moments are often fleeting and can go unnoticed by most, but Evensen is able to see the beauty and significance in them.

Capture the moment

Through his photography, Ole Martin Evensen wants to convey his own world to the viewer, even if it is only for a small moment. He wants to give the viewer a glimpse of his perspective, an opportunity to see the world through his eyes. In an age where everything has to happen faster and faster, and where attention is often divided between many different things, he wants to make the viewer stop and really take in the moment.

Evensen is concerned with conveying a sense of presence and creating a connection between the viewer and the subject in the picture. His images are not only beautiful visual compositions, but also invitations to reflect on the small moments that we often take for granted. He wants to remind us that it is in the small details and everyday moments that the beauty and meaning of life is often found.

Through his work, Ole Martin Evensen explores various themes and moods. He can capture moments of joy and happiness, thoughtfulness and melancholy, or silence and tranquility. He uses light, color and composition to create images that touch the viewer and evoke feelings and thoughts. Through his pictures, we are reminded of the importance of being present in the present and appreciating the small moments that might otherwise pass us by.

Collection: Ole Martin Evensen