Collection: Magne Kalstad

Magne J. Kalstad, started photographing with an SLR camera in 1967. He moved to Trondheim and studied at NTH in 1969 and then had very active photography years until he submitted his diploma thesis in 1975. In addition to his own art photo projects, he delivered freelance to Adresseavisen and did photo assignments for the Ship Model Tank at Tyholt and for several departments at NTH. This period ended with an exhibition of 10 large pictures from Strinden's brickworks, which closed down that year.

After his education at NTH, it became a "regular job", and from 1982 until 2019 he was a business leader and chairman of the board at a high level in a number of companies at home and abroad, including as director of Bergens Tidende and Handels- og Teknologi-sendsanding several years at the embassy in Tokyo.

During this period, the activity with camera and darkroom was on and off, but in 2009 participation in the Morten Krogvold workshop in Vågå was the start of the current active photography period, with subsequent participation in a number of workshops with well-known photographers in addition to Krogvold, such as Bjørn Opsahl, Greg Gorman, Ralf Gibson, Julie Pike, Agnete Bruun, Massimo Leardini and Helge Skodvin.

Since 2019, Magne has worked with the art photo series "Gjenskinn" where he moves in the borderland between reality and abstraction, executed in his own photography technique.

Magne says about the project:

"My pictures are not just traditional and optically accurate renderings of the subjects. The degree of abstraction in the images varies widely, from completely abstract shapes and light to a painterly experience of the subject."

The images are experienced very differently. Some have said that they do not perceive the images as photographs, but almost as paintings. They are then not necessarily experienced as reproducing reality, but more as a reflection of it. This is how the project name "Gjenskinn" came about. Some wonder if this is a digitally manipulated photograph. It is not.

As the project developed, it became a goal to display the images in large format and in excellent quality. The occasion came during Vossa Jazz 2023 when Voss Kunstlag wanted to show the pictures in a separate exhibition in Gallery 19 at Voss.

A book was also published for the exhibition and in the foreword Morten Krogvold says:

“My first thought was that some of this is reminiscent of the Italian surrealist; the painter de Chirico. And some of the other European surrealists of the last century.
However; These were business manager, jazz man and black and white photographer Magne Kalstad's new photographs. In colors! Look carefully at these pictures - they are far from effects - they are small stories created in a dreamlike visual language with exquisite craftsmanship."

Magne has been chairman and deputy chairman of Vossa Jazz since 2006, and his exhibition of art photographs during the 50th anniversary coincided with the fact that he has now ended his career as a business leader to spend his time on what he is really passionate about: art photography and jazz.

Collection: Magne Kalstad