Collection: Ketil Born

Ketil Born is educated in graphic design and has a certificate as a photographer. He has a long career in the field and had his first solo exhibition as early as 1988. Born lives and works in Oslo, Norway, and is also a traveling photographer who often goes out on project work.

Unique compositions

Born uses strong contrasts and compositions. Through his series Earth Shapes, by Jern, Iceland and Eros he conveys both landscape, portrait, nude and eroticism through his work. His style is characterized by the ability to capture the magic of the moment and convey emotions through the motifs.

He has collaborated with several renowned artists and writers, and his work has been published in several books and collections.

Exhibitions in Norway and abroad

Born has participated in exhibitions all over Norway. He has received several awards, including a prize for the best erotic photo in Cupido in 1991 and a third place in the UNESCO-supported international photo competition "The Family" in Warzava in 1995. He is a recognized and respected photographer in Norway, and his work has has been supported by the Norwegian Film Photographers Fund and Rana Municipality.

Collection: Ketil Born