Collection: Ken Oprann

Ken Opprann is a renowned Norwegian photographer with an impressive career. He studied photography at the Art Academy in San Francisco and worked as a night photographer for Aftenposten from 1995 to 2003. Today he is a freelance photographer based in Oslo.

Photo documentary

Opprann is known for his focus on reportage and documentary matters, and he has traveled and photographed all over the world. He has been awarded several Norwegian and international awards for his work, including Picture of the Year in 2001 and the Fuji European Press Photographer Award in 2002. His book "TRO" from 2009 is a remarkable work that explores the five major world religions, and is considered one of the most important photo documentary books published in Norway.

Strong stories

Through his work, Opprann has conveyed strong stories and provided insight into different cultures and societies. His photographs are known for being poignant and deeply reflective. Here are some of the exhibitions Opprann has participated in: - Kosovo: 2014 Interfaith Kosovo, Prizren - Iceland: 2011 Akureyri Art museum and Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik - South Africa: 2010 FIFA World Cup, Johannesburg, 2009 Soccerex09 Johannesburg - Norway: 2018 Forum for Faith and Life, Kristiansand, 2014 Nordic Light, Kristiansund, 2013 Sacra Art Festival, Kristiansand, 2009 Sacred festival, Lillesand, 2009 Fotohuset, Kristiansand Opprann's work has also been published in several books, including "The National Museum – a monumental building is created" and " The National Museum in Oslo – the construction of a landmark" in 2020, as well as "500 seconds from the sun" from font forlag in 2019.

Ken Opprann has made a significant contribution to Norwegian photography and through his art has conveyed important stories and given a deeper perspective on various themes and society.

Collection: Ken Oprann